Simple and collaborative
performance testing analytics

Latency Lingo helps software engineering teams
gain insights on web performance testing metrics.

Why use Latency Lingo?

Web traffic growth can push your application to its limits and cause a poor user experience.
Software teams use performance testing to stay ahead of growth and understand their limits. There are great tools to run performance tests, but interpreting the results still requires domain expertise and many hours of engineering time each week. This is where our analytics platform can help.

Track Performance Progress

Use Latency Lingo thresholds to track performance health over time. Catch performance regressions in your build pipeline before impacting users.

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Customizable Analytics

Build custom views to help explore test results with your team. Enforce defaults and customize individual reports when necessary.

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Any Tool, Any Environment

Latency Lingo APIs integrate with your preferred load testing workflows to provide insights. Decouple test analytics from your execution.

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How does it work?


Run performance tests

Execute your web performance tests using the tools and environment that you prefer. Latency Lingo allows you to maintain your existing workflows.


Send results to Latency Lingo

Publish test results to Latency Lingo using the CLI. You only need two commands to install the CLI and publish your test results to Latency Lingo.

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Analyze test results

Explore your test results with our advanced analytics interfaces. Build custom views and reports for each test run.

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Define thresholds

Create status checks to track performance progress over time. Automatically notify your team and pause deployments when performance tests are failing.

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Capture insights

Document your observations alongside the metrics. Share the report to promote knowledge sharing with your team.

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50 test runs per month

20 minute time limit per test

14 day data retention

Slack integration

Unlimited users

Unlimited test thresholds

Unlimited report observations



1k test runs per month

2 hour time limit per test

2 year data retention

Priority support - 3x faster response

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