Announcing The New
Github Actions Integration

Anthony Bobsin
January 10, 2023

Latency Lingo is excited to announce the release of the new integration with Github Actions! Visit the page on Github marketplace to install it to your repository.

This integration allows software teams to automatically publish performance metrics from their CI/CD pipeline, making it easier to track the performance of their software over time and maintain a great user experience. Performance testing tools supported include JMeter, Gatling, and k6.

With this integration, users can easily introduce Latency Lingo as a step in their Github workflow. Each time code is pushed to the repository, your performance metrics can be published to the user's Latency Lingo account. These metrics can then be accessed by logging in to the account and navigating to the dashboard.

Thresholds can also be set to fail builds if the performance metrics fall below a certain level. This ensures that software teams are alerted to any potential performance issues before their users experience them.

Additionally, users can add a Github shield to their README file to preview performance metrics from the latest build. This shield will display the run's P90 response time or number of thresholds passed.

Get started with this integration by following the documentation. Users simply need to sign up for a free Latency Lingo account and install the Github Action in a workflow.

I also recommend reading this post to see an example use case - How to automate performance testing with JMeter and Github.

This integration will make it even easier for software teams to monitor and improve the performance of their software using Latency Lingo. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact support for assistance.

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